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We’re Pauline Diep, a conscious luxury brand that’s passionate about highlighting your femininity. Conscious luxury meets modern femininity.

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When you can’t find our creative genius, Pauline Diep, designing our exclusive, small batch collections, you’ll find her searching for delicious foods at any of LA’s numerous tantalizing eateries. At Pauline Diep Sleepwear, we’re thinking globally, but acting locally, every day. We celebrate diversity and keep it distinctively Los Angeles by sourcing vintage and surplus fabrics from local designers and fabric warehouses to bring you unique, one-of-a-kind collections you won’t see anywhere else. Our timeless designs are made right here in LA, too, so quality control is a breeze. Everything from product development, design, sourcing, and supply chain takes place in Los Angeles. LA is in our DNA.


Our consciously designed sleepwear is romantic and sophisticated for the modern woman. Pauline Diep’s unique collections use vintage inspiration to play up women’s bodies and showcase you as the bombshell you are. We take an inclusive approach to fit as well as luxury. Highlighting your body with flirty touches, thoughtful design, and careful craftsmanship is our specialty. We’re choosing fabrics, silhouettes, and designs that will make you feel beautiful, elegant, and comfortable. Whether you’re feeling a bit Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or a little more Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ll feel like an Old Hollywood starlet in Pauline Diep’s seductive sleepwear.

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Gone are the days of Hitchcock and Capra; we direct our own stories now. After a decade in the fashion industry, our founder Pauline decided to flip the script and do things her way. When you wear Pauline Diep Sleepwear, you’re not just sporting comfy, subtly-sexy pieces that make you feel amazing -- you’re also supporting female creators and helping the planet. We’re proud to be a woman-led, woman-run slow fashion creator bringing jobs to the US. We design with you in mind -- a woman that is sexy, confident, and intentional -- even if she isn’t fully aware of it yet. We naturally incorporate planet-friendly practices as a part of our process. For us, it’s not a gimmick, it’s just a way of life. By choosing vintage and surplus fabrics for our designs, we’re keeping waste out of landfills and creating something special just for you. We’re on a mission to celebrate womanhood and bring out the sensuous, self-assured leading lady in every woman.

Pauline Diep Sleepwear is perfect for late-night Netflix binges, eating Ben & Jerry’s in bed (we won’t judge), evenings of raucous romance...or even, y’know, just sleeping.

Shop our small-batch collections now, and become the star of your own story. (Because, c’mon, who doesn’t want to feel like Grace Kelly and save the planet at the same time?!)

Pauline Diep Sleepwear

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